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Ultraprolink - Trusted Name Amongst The Companies in The Charging Space

Ultraprolink - Trusted Name Amongst The Companies in The Charging Space

Ultraprolink - Trusted Name Amongst The Companies in The Charging Space

In Conversion with Mr Pankaj Mirchandani, Founder and CEO, UltraProLink.

During the past few years, most mobile brands have stopped giving chargers with their handsets. What implication does this have on the charging segment?

It all started with Apple deleting the power adapter from its phone packaging stating reduction of their carbon footprint. All brands have quickly followed suit without realizing that the customer will now need to buy the charger separately which will also have its own packaging – so In my opinion I don’t think it has anything to do with reduction of carbon footprint. The phone box has become slimmer so now more phones can be shipped in the same amount of space.  Also with each brand promoting its own charging protocol, they see the opportunity to sell their chargers separately. This is also  great for third party brands like UltraProlink which offers chargers which support multiple protocols to address this pain point of customers in search of fast charging solutions.

How the universal chargers for mobiles & laptops impact are expected to fare in the market?

With the advent of GaN technology which allows a higher power in a reduced size, we will see a lot of action in this space. This technology also allows multiple devices being charged at the same time. Now with brands moving to the Type C connector & Power Delivery Protocols, we will see the phenomenon of ‘Unified Charging’ where in the user will have the convenience of charging their laptop, tablet, smartphone all at the same time from the same charger. Unlike the recent past where a laptop charger meant bulky AC-DC Adapters, we already witnessing the advent of compact yet high power charging.

What is the market size for Wireless chargers? Discuss the changing trends in this segment.

As far as I know, there is no research data published on wireless chargers as yet. This segment is growing rapidly as wireless charging feature is now a standard in all iPhones & also flagship models of all brands. Even though it is not as efficient as wired charging, it addresses more a lifestyle need of the consumer. In my opinion its ideally used when the consumer does not need keep accessing their devices constantly ie so perfect for night time charging. There is a plethora of design options with multiple features available and many offer multiple devices to be charged especially for the Apple ecosystem.

How do you position your company in the charging space? What technological innovations you plan to come up with?

UltraProlink has always been at the forefront of technology & continues to do with our latest range of GaN based High Powered Fast Chargers. Our philosophy of ‘Do More with your Gadgets’ lives through each of the products that we bring into the range, the latest being chargers which support multiple protocols – with this innovative solution we are taking away a major pain point of the consumer by allowing them to fast charge their devices across multiple charging protocols like QC, PD, Warp, Dash, VooC & PPS starting from 30W going up to 95W which also support Laptop Charging for the latest crop of Type C enabled machines.

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