Laptop Charging in the Car

Laptop Charging in the Car

Laptop Charging in the Car

By Anan Sadh - Working while being on the move has turned into the new normal. Experts in each industry depend on their laptops & tablets to attend to work while travelling. In such a way, you can't afford to lose the laptop's battery in a few hours. The repercussions of a depleted battery often sees users frantically looking for a power source. Moreso if you are in a vehicle where can one possibly plug into an AC outlet.

Now, let's take a glance at some useful approaches to charging a laptop while on the move. There are limited options to do so. But with the right method & gadgets you can be assured never to be left out stranded again.

Easy methods to choose from for charging your Laptop / Macbook while travelling:

  1. Vehicle Inverter Charger

For charging a laptop, an AC power source is a mandate. whereas, a vehicle battery gives DC energy. You can't utilize a DC energy source to power an AC gadget. While one cannot use the vehicle battery directly, the car inverter can get used instead.

Pros: A standard AC laptop charger can be used & plugged into the inverter in the vehicle to charge the laptop. For that, a vehicle inverter charger is necessary. It will assist you with changing over DC power to AC power.

Cons: Car DC-AC Inverters are bulky, not portable & need to be stored in the car at all times. Always buy one from a reputed brand with proper certification else you risk ruining your car electronics & blowing a fuse or the car battery itself. 

  1. High Powered USB Car Charger

The latest laptops work on Type C charging ports. Such laptops could demand power ranging from 31W (Macbook Air) right up to (87W Macbook Pro). Other popular brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP would work on 60W-65W. There are few brands such as UltraProlink who cater to this need of laptop charging in the car and offer car chargers with the latest technology. Paired with the right cable these compact chargers are life savers. The cons are virtually none as the same car charger can be used to charge multiple devices, even at the same time.



  1. Power Bank

Using a power bank in your vehicle is the only other answer for re-charging the laptop while in a hurry. These power banks work like the ones you use for charging your mobile phone but are much bulkier to lug around, at times weighing as much as the laptop battery itself.

As a laptop requires anything from 31W-100W power to charge, buying a power bank that can provide the required output is usually suggested. The power bank itself requires to be charged first & only then can it charge your laptop. Pros – great for a quick top-up or when travelling / Cons – super bulky & offer a limited charge. Add to that recharging the power bank itself will take time.


Thus, if you need to use your laptop / Macbook while travelling, you can use any of the previously mentioned methods to charge it. You can use the vehicle inverter, USB charger or power bank.



All these techniques work impeccably & can assist you with effectively charging up your device. However, ensure you check the similarity & nature of the cable and chargers to guarantee security. Specialists suggest having vehicle laptop chargers with the quick charging highlight & multi-port feature.

Likewise, you should check the maximum power a charger can give. For your laptop, the charger ought to have the option to deliver a minimum of 30W of output. If you are regularly juicing your vehicle battery for heavy electronics do remember to keep checking the battery health of the car battery.

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