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Benefits of Using Surge Protectors

Benefits of Using Surge Protectors

Benefits of Using Surge Protectors

By Suman Rawat - In our day-to-day activities, we are heavily dependent upon our electronic gadgets. Be it at home or in the office, we are surrounded by devices that are continuously plugged into power exposing them to voltage fluctuations & spikes. However, voltage spikes might cause severe damage to your electronics or weaken their integrity.

Have you ever notices your lights flickering as it rains outside? That’s when our devices need the most protection. In fact, throughout the day there are smaller spikes that keep hitting our gadgets, but we cannot sense or feel them. Surge protectors prevent electrical items from being damaged by surges, that happen when the voltage gain in a property is exceeded. This can happen during thunderstorms, or when there are far too many electronic devices in action. The surge protector captures unwanted current during a voltage surge and securely distracts, it through the building's ground.

Know the difference between Electrical Surge Protectors and Power Strips

Vere few users actually know the difference between a surge strip & a normal electrical strip. Since both look the same, it's very hard to distinguish between the two. Surge protectors have an additional feature, which is really the only distinction between the two and makes Surge protectors the better choice. Power strips increase the number of outlets available in your space.

Surge protectors work the same way to power strips, but they also shield your electronics against power surges. A surge strip will always come with an additional component called the MOV inside it. As a result, surge protectors are the superior alternative ( and more expensive) of the two.

Benefits of using surge protectors

  1. Extend the life of your devices: A Spike Guard can smooth out abrupt fluctuations in power, safeguarding your electronic devices from danger due to electricity spikes. Laptops, ipads, and mobile phones all contain personal information that must be safeguarded. Proper surge protection must be used to protect your system.
  1. Cost effective: Spike Busters are a cost-effective solution to shield your household from potential dangers. You don’t want your gadgets to get damaged just because you didn’t invest a small token in surge protectors. Going price range for these products range from Rs.499 upwards depending on the number of sockets, number of switches, cable length & most importantly the level of protection it offers. This is measured in Joules so if a brand is offering a genuine power spike buster then it will always print the joules on its labelling. 
  1. Maintenance Costs are Reduced: Spike guards safeguard your appliances from high voltage. This will cut down on the amount of service calls you have to make and also reduce your cost of maintenance. 
  1. Feeling secured: Knowing you have a surge protector at your residence can make you feel safe. Hence, the purchase is worth your peace of mind.

surge protectors

They absorb much of the power so that it does not transfer to your appliances. Surges can happen at any time during the day and go unnoticed. Also called a Spike Guard in some countries, these will protect your equipment and be a life saver. Don’t worry, check out our website and buy yours today!

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