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Using iPhone Lightning Cable for Swift Charge & Data Transfer

Lightning cable for iPhone

Using iPhone Lightning Cable for Swift Charge & Data Transfer

By Anan Sadh -

While using Apple portable devices such iPhones & iPads you would surely require a Lightning® cable. Your new device would surely have one in the box but most users buy additional ones for use at home, car, and office. However, the best lightning cable for iPhone is vital to interface your iPhone to a wall charger, power bank, or a laptop for efficient charging & data transfer. Lightning Cables from trusted brands will always certified by Apple or also known as MFI certified. Always look for the ‘Made for’ Badge on the product listing.

With Lightning cable for iPhone, it becomes easy to connect to your PC's USB port for data sync. On the other hand, you can connect with any compatible USB Power Adapter for helpful charging from a wall outlet. Made with top-quality material, it works effectively with all Apple gadgets. As it provides ease, this lightning cable for iPhones 7, 8, 10, 11/12 Pro, 13 series gives you the adaptability to charge your device & sync with a single charging cable.

These lightning cables for iPhones & iPads are your iOS gadget's lifesaver, used to charge & move data to your Apple cell phone. To keep your tech running dependably, you require a top-notch, eight-pin cable that won't break. They are very light & adaptable for carrying around as an extra cable. No one can tell when you'll have to charge your gadgets while one is on the way.

Cables from reputed brands will not break at the joints easily like other charging cables. These cables focus on Durability, longer Life & added strength from ordinary wear and tear. Some brands even add Kevlar® filaments to add extra strength & their abrasion-resistant nylon on the intense external covering make it a must-buy accessory for everyone's iOS gadgets. Such highly adaptable protection decreases the harm from tangling as well

What to look for when deciding on an iOs Lightning Cable:

  • Is it MFI Certified or not – Some brands like UltraProlink would print the license number on the packaging to drive user trust.
  • Adequate Length – anything over 1m should be good. Most common lengths are 1.5m
  • Warranty Cover & Ease of Replacement – does the brand need you to go to the service center or do they offer home replacement.
  • Built Structure – Toughness – Connector Joints - Durability
  • Materials used – PVC, Nylon etc

Having said that, there are a many non-certified cables as well which are available much cheaper and will not damage your device. At times when you plug them in, the device may show an ‘unsupported accessory’ warning but this is standard compliance from Apple and not in any way will hamper the function that cable is supposed to perform. To distinguish between certified & non-certified cables, look carefully at the cable packaging & the price itself. Certified third-party accessories have the MFi identification on their packaging & will cost significantly higher than non-certified ones. However, Apple purists & loyalists always choose to use certified cables as they have invested significantly on the device.

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