Why Do Some Brands Adopt PPS Charging

Why Do Some Brands Adopt PPS Charging

Why Do Some Brands Adopt PPS Charging

By Pankaj Mirchandani -  PPS stands for "Programmable Power Supply" and it's a way for your phone, tablet, or other device to charge quickly and safely.

What is PPS Fast Charging?

When you plug your device into a charger, it needs a certain amount of power to charge. But sometimes, chargers can give too much or too little power, which can make your device charge too slowly or even damage it. PPS helps make sure your device gets the perfect amount of power.

One way PPS does this is by using something called "power delivery," or PD for short. PD is a way for the charger to talk to your device and figure out how much power it needs. So, if your device is almost fully charged, the charger will send less power, but if it's almost dead, it will send more power. PPS & PD work will always be used in conjunction with a Type-C port.

Some PPS chargers uses a new material called GaN Charging technology. GaN stands for Gallium Nitride, and it's a special material that helps make the charger smaller and more efficient. This means that the charger can charge your device faster and use less energy & is very compact in size. Checkout UltraProlink’s range of GaN based chargers which also offer the PPS protocol.

 Boost PD33 33W Power Delivery GaN charger with Type C port  UM1102W Boost 45 Power Delivery 45W  (1m) UM1103W


Samsung is one of the companies that use PPS charging protocol in their devices. This means that when you use a Samsung charger with a Samsung device, it will charge quickly and safely thanks to PPS. Samsung loves PPS as Voltage & Current adjusted as per demand of Phone’s battery which is great for Extending Battery Life. Lastly Less Heat is Generated as it Goes upto a max of 45W

So, when you plug your device into a charger and it charges quickly, that's because of PPS. It makes sure your device gets the perfect amount of power, so you can use it again soon.

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