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Know More About USB Type-C Cables

Know More About USB Type-C Cables

Know More About USB Type-C Cables

By Anan Sadh - Under a provisional European Union agreement signed in June 2022, all smartphones and tablets would have to use a common charging port – namely the USB Type C. The plan would force all companies -- most notably Apple Inc. to make phones, tablets, e-readers and digital cameras use the USB-C port. Around 15 product types are included in the scope, including headsets, video-game consoles and headphones. Phones and tablet makers will have to comply by the fall of 2024.

Hence Type C USB cables are quickly becoming the industry standard. Its connector has a distinctive yet simple shape. The biggest advantage being that it can be inserted in any direction & can large amount of power & data.

Power-Audio-Video-Data via One Cable : Type C Cables can deal with more power - therefore, they get used on PCs, mobiles & tablets. The primary advantage of a USB-C type cable is that you can move the data quickly, i.e. at a speed of 10 Gbps, which is quicker than USB 3.0.

A portion of the things required to remember while choosing which Type-C cable to purchase includes the cable size, quality & transfer speed rates. These cables can uphold various conventions via substitute modes that offer a more prominent degree of adaptability. They permit you to have connectors that can deliver output to HDMI, VGA, Display Port, or some other sort of connection too. With this, one can stay away from the tangled mess made by various cables by using a single Type-C USB cable.

High Power & Fast Charging capability via Type C delivers the quickest charge to your gadgets. All Fast charging protocols deliver through Type C connectors – Power Delivery, Thunderbolt, Dash, VooV, Warp etc. USB Type C connectors are modest & reversible. The new 3.1 standard is backwards compatible with 3.0 & 2.0. It makes USB Type C a sort of unicorn connection device - with the ability to become universal, replacing older norms like VGA & Display Port. 

This Type C charging cable is simple to use as it binds together all your devices, whether you have a mobile phone, PC, & tablet. Earlier as one would require various cables to charge their devices; with USB Type C, all you need is one USB Type C cable for all. A Since it can handle digital audio signals as well, USB Type C is beginning to replace the standard 3.5mm earphone jack on mobiles, allowing brands to make slimmer devices.

While purchasing a USB Type-C cable, go for an accredited charging cable from a reputes brand. Such cables are tested under extreme conditions to guarantee best user experience. There are plenty of charging cables out there that have USB-C on one side & have a regular USB-A plug on another side so be clear on your requirements. If your charger & device both have a Type C port then you would need a Type-C connector at both ends.

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