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The Best Hub For Your Slim Laptop

Type C USB Hubs

The Best Hub For Your Slim Laptop

By Suman Rawat - Who doesn’t love slim laptops? They’re easy to travel with, they don’t take up much space, and they don’t weigh you down as you’re out and about. However, one of the disadvantages of slim laptops is that they usually come with only one or two ports, so you can easily run out of room fast if you’re trying to hook up your laptop to anything other than your monitor or your phone. If you find yourself frequently needing more USB ports on your laptop, this guide will help you choose the best hub to meet your needs! There is no knowing when you may be looking to hook up your machine to any HDMI port.

type c usb hub for laptop

The new USB-C connection has become a popular standard in the world of slim laptops, offering an affordable and versatile alternative to both Apple’s Lightning and Micro USB cables. At first, the lack of ports on these slim laptops may seem like an inconvenience, but that’s where USB Type C hubs come in handy! USB Type C hubs offer numerous ports and even allow you to connect your laptop to multiple screens! Here are some tips for choosing the best Type C hub for your slim laptop.

Contrary to popular belief, not all slim laptops come with a USB-C port. In fact, if you look at the specs of some of the most popular laptops on the market, such as the Macbook and the Dell XPS 13, you’ll see that they have USB-A ports rather than USB-C ports. Type C Hubs for Macbook are an essential to explore its full capability.

Good reasons to use a Hub

The Type-C USB port on a laptop is great, but it’s not perfect. So what if you want to use one of these ports with an HDMI cable? Or two of them at once? That’s where hubs come in! But not all hubs are made equally; here are some factors to consider when selecting one for your slim laptop.

  • Casing : Plastic vs Metal : Metal is better for heat dissipation & also compliments the look of your expensive new laptop.
  • Must Have : HDMI Port with Resolution 30Hz or higher to help you hook up to a large screen
  • Must Have : Power Delivery Pass-Thru port 60W or higher so you can charge & expand ports at the same time
  • Must Have : Ethernet Port 1000mbps ( 1 Gigabit) for uninterrupted high speed internet
  • Must Have : USB3.0 Ports to connect add-ons & transfer data at high speeds
  • Good to Have : Card Reader Slots to transfer images or music
  • Good to Have : 3.5mm Audio Port to hook up a headset.

What Does The Future Hold For Type C?

Type C is quickly becoming a popular connection. Unlike its predecessors, Type C is reversible—there’s no wrong way to plug it in. Type C also supports USB 3.1, meaning transfers are up to 10 times faster than with previous models. As an added bonus, it can charge devices when used as a hub or during transfers. With these kinds of benefits and many companies looking to embrace Type C, we think very soon, Type C ports will be available the standard on all devices, making life so much simpler both for consumers & brands. A perfect case being where a consumer can use the same charger & cable for their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Type C USB Hubs are an absolute must-have essential In your bag at all times.

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