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Surge Protector Vs Extension Board

Surge Protector Vs Extension Board

Surge Protector Vs Extension Board

By Shaista Qadri - Many people find themselves confused in the surge protector versus extension cord discussion because these terms are often used interchangeably. But there's a vital difference between THE two common types. Understanding this difference is like giving armor to your electronic gadgets, protecting them from potential harm. Let's break it down.

The Extension Board

These are the handy devices that give us extra AC plug points, making it easy to power multiple devices at once. While they're super convenient, it's important to know that extension cords focus on providing more outlets, not on protecting your gadgets from sudden bursts of power. So, they're great for convenience but not for safeguarding against unexpected electrical surges.

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Surge Protectors

At first glance, they might look like power strips, but its whats inside that matters. Surge protectors not only offer extra outlets but also act as superheroes for your electronics.  They have inbuilt circuitry & components absorb extra voltage spikes away from your gadgets in case of power surges caused by lightning or electrical glitches. So, while they may seem similar, surge protectors are the real defenders, adding a layer of safety that extension cords simply don't have.

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In a nutshell, knowing the difference between a surge protector and an extension cord is like putting on a shield for your electronics. Being aware of this contrast helps you make smarter choices, ensuring your devices stay safe from unexpected power jolts. So, next time you plug in, consider using a surge protector to keep your gadgets not just charged but also secure from potential damage. It may cost a bit more but your precious gadgets are safe & secure.

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