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Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Charging Pad - Optimized for the Fastest Charging Experience

Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Charging Pad - Optimized for the Fastest Charging Experience

Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Charging Pad - Optimized for the Fastest Charging Experience

By Anan Sadh - In today's time, a wireless charging pad is quite a helpful piece of technology to have. It frees our space from cable clutter & lets us charge our devices by just placing them on it. Whether you keep it directly in front of you at work or on your side table at home, a wireless charger can make charging your electronic gadgets ( those which are Qi enabled) much easy. It is a simple yet effective charging method that has acquired prominence lately.

It works on the principle of Induction charging where the charger utilizes Qi-guaranteed transmitting coils for delivering charge to your smart phone. Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) invented the Qi wireless charging strategy. It is the most widely used wireless charging technique & is what many brands use inside their wireless charging gadgets.

The only downside is that it is much slower than conventional cable charging & doesn’t continue to charge your device the moment you lift it off the wireless pad – but many users have made their peace with this & use it only when they don’t need their devices for extended periods of time eg night time.

Several Android mobile phones & iPhone models above Series 8 support wireless charging including all new iPhone have wireless charging capability.

What can be the key benefits of charging wirelessly?

  1. Ease of Use

The main advantage of having wireless charging is that you won't need to deal with cables anymore. It leaves the need for several charging cables & makes it a lot simpler.

Moreover, you won't need to stress over where you left your charging wire & the need for various chargers. With wireless charger, you can charge all the phones at the same time.

  1. Integration

One of the most mind-blowing benefits of specific wireless charging pads is that they can incorporate with practically all phones, regardless of the shape or size of their charging socket. Furthermore, gadgets other than smart phones can also get charged with this. 

  1. Numerous Gadget Charging Capabilities

Today, we might have a few mobile phones in a single room. Usually, most of them have similar chargers; there can be a distinction concerning Apple & Android mobile phones. Such a charging stand can let you charge different mobile phones flexibly. 

Having a wireless charging stand won't just assist you with charging your mobile phones yet in addition, other gadgets like tablets, smart watches, and so forth. With this, you can lessen the use of cables & power connectors in your home and work environment. While considering all things, wireless charger renders a wreck-free, convenient technique to charge our mobile phones, headphones, smart watches and other devices. It provides several advantages, which is why many wireless charging devices are available.

However, one disadvantage to wireless charging is that it isn't generally as effective as wired charging or a fast charging cable. Distance impacts the charging process. The further away your gadget's receiver is from the wireless charger's transmitter, the slower it will charge.

We can say that this disadvantage could be effortlessly tackled by essentially developing a bigger transmitter. However, it is quite difficult. Making a bigger transmitter would mean the structure of an enormous wireless charging beneficiary inside the mobile phone. Also, science is only not there yet.

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