Choosing a Car Mobile Holder

car phone holder

Choosing a Car Mobile Holder

By Anan Sadh - Let’s face it. We are constantly on our phones and especially while driving, this could be extremely hazardous for us & others. So the next best alternative is to have your phone mounted safely yet within reach. This is where car phone holders come in. Using such a holder enables you to put your gadget anywhere at any angle. Therefore, it makes it simpler to explore GPS, manage music & calls while your eyes on the road.

Buying a heavy-duty car mobile holder ensures your device stays where it's supposed to & makes it easily accessible. A car mobile holder can improve the efficiency of operating a mobile.

car mobile holder

Picking the best car mobile holder in India for a vehicle can be intriguing since the choices are flooding nowadays. Be that as it may, considering the fundamentals will surely pursue your choice for picking the best car phone holder for your vehicle. In the below-mentioned list, the following essential points will help you choose the best car mobile phone holder for your vehicle:

  1. Ease of Use

Cars come with windscreen of different sizes and distance from the driver. Car Phone holders can be mounted literally anywhere on the glass as per the choice of the user. Most commonly mounted to the extreme right side where it doesn’t block the vision of the driver. When selecting a car mobile holder amongst the wide variety, there are few which even offer wireless charging to charge compatible phones. The holder should grip your device securely without restricting access to the controls or ports. Inserting & removing the mobile phone ought to be simple and not require much effort. The mount should be easy to attach & detach to the glass without much effort.

  1. Universal One-Size Fits All

Car phone holder come with a variety of mounting options – clamps on the AC vent, dashboard or windshield mount. In terms of form factor these could be extremely compact & minimalistic, Small magnetic ones, long ones with flexible arms or extremely sturdy & robust. Choose a universal portable holder that can just fit in each sort of mobile phone with their cases on. Such mounts are strong enough to hold different brands. Also, check that there is no space left in the holder for vibrations.

  1. Durability

The key feature should be getting a mobile holder that is well enough to hold the phone universally in one spot despite bumpy roads. A versatile car mobile holder offers excellent cushioning for your device while its joints remain sturdy to ensure the device position does not change while driving. Assuming you use a back cover on the mobile phone, you could even choose a magnetic car phone holder with a magnetic back plate that slips inside your case & is invisible.


Picking the right car mobile holder is somewhat an individual's decision & the choice generally stays with the user. Opting for a suitable car phone holder lets the driver safely mount the phone on the mount & focus on driving. For individuals who need to constantly use their mobile phone while driving, specifically for navigation, getting great quality holders that can attach to the dashboard makes total sense.

Such car mobile holders hold your mobile phone, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience during the drive. Although using a mobile phone while driving should be avoided at any cost, and if you must, always mount your phone on a car mount.

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