Octane Car Charger

Octane Car Charger
Octane Car Charger
Octane Car Charger
Octane Car Charger
Octane Car Charger
Octane Car Charger
Octane Car Charger
Octane Car Charger

Octane Car Charger


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  • 3.4A Rapid Charge / 17 watt Power Output.
  • Dual USB Ports.
  • Universal device compatibility.
  • Brand & Connector Agnostic.
  • Compact & Slim Size.
  • Intelli-Charge Technology.
  • 3-in-1 charging cable featuring the Apple 8-pin lightning, USB Type C and micro USB connectors.

Product description

The Octane is a compact & sturdy USB Car charger. Ideal for vehicles that offer a standard cigarette lighter port. You can simultaneously power two devices - including two Smartphones - thanks to the combined 3.4A output.  Intelli Charge technology automatically detects and delivers the optimal charge - making it the fastest, most effective way to power any connected device. With two ports, fast charging has never been easier. The battery input of 12-24V is standard across all cars; however there are times when it can exceed this standard. When you hit the ignition switch or when the car accelerates, the input can be anywhere from 8V to as high as 30V. No matter the voltage, the USB charger will automatically adjust to protect your device and charge at a steady rate.  Octane  comes with a number of built-in protection methods to keep your device safe. The built-in over & under voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protections ensure your mobile phone and other device's safety needs are guaranteed.No matter what device you have, Intelli-Charge Technology always learns and outputs the optimal current for safe charging.Octane car charger works with Lightning, Micro USB and Type C cables allowing you to charge all mobile devices including tablets, GPS, MP3 Players etc.

Technical Specifications

Input                : DC 12-18V 

Output             : 17W, DC 5V, 3.4A (2.4A USB Port & 1.0A USB Port) 

Total Current   : 3400ma 

Power               : 17W 

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