HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker

HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker
HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker
HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker
HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker
HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker
HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker
HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker
HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker
HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker
HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker

HI-Q Zulu BT Speaker


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  • Hi-Q Touch is a wireless portable speaker which is a music player, FM  radio as well as call manager
  • Has lastest Bluetooth 4.0 technology which also helps you control your  connected device via A2DP / HFP / AVRCP
  • It has a play time of 3 hours
  • This speaker is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth 4.2
  • This speaker has a rechargeble battery which can be easily charged with the help of any travel charge
  • 1 year warranty

    Product description

    UltraProLink's Hi-Q Zulu wireless portable Speaker, might look like any normal wireless speaker but is different from any other speaker. This speaker has the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology that helps you to connect your device. It also has USB port so that you can connect your pendrive along with micro SD card slot allowing you to use the speaker as a MP3 player. This speaker has another unique feature that is FM radio. You can change the mode to connect to the FM radio. Hi-Q Zulu is a portable speaker which is not just a normal speaker but has the features of a MP3 player along with FM radio and features that allow you to make and recieve calls when your phone is connected to the speaker.
    Features :
    Easily connect via Bluetooth:
    This wireless portable speaker can be easily connected via Bluetooth 4.2 which is the latest technology. Thus, you can connect any device to it and you can fully control your connected device via A2DP / HFP / AVRCP making it hassle free.
    Enjoy music stored on pen drive and micro SD card also FM radio:
    Hi-Q Zulu is not just a speaker that would amplify the sound but it is way more than that. You sure have many songs stored in micro SD cards as well as your pen drive but do not want to open your laptop to hear them? Well, this product would help you as it allows you to play songs from pen drive as well as micro SD card. How? This speaker comes with USB slot and micro SD card slot. The best thing about this speaker is that you can also use it as a FM radio.
    Hi-Q Zulu is light in weight and the size is also small that it would easily fit in your hand bag and you can carry it along while going for an outing. Now you can make your outing with friends more happening with a speaker that can also play your stored songs and FM radio as well as allow you to make and recieve calls.
    Easy to charge:
    Hi-Q Zulu has a rechargeble battery. It can be easily charged with the help of travel charger using micro USB cable. The charging takes approx. 3 hours for the first time which is indicated by a red light. When the product is fully charged the red light turns off automatically. When Zulu is low on battery it would announce at 10% and the power it atomatically switched off when it reaches 3%. P.S. It has lithium battery that has a life of 400-500 recharges.
    Can make and recieve calls:
    When your phone is connected to the speaker with the help of Bluetooth and you get a call you can recieve it with the help of the speaker itself by pressing the play/pause button. If you want to reject the call you have to press the same button a little longer. But what if you want to redial a number? Well, just rapidly double click the play/pause button for it.
    With Mode changing feature:
    Zulu has three modes - Bluetooth, MP3 and FM radio. When you want to switch from Bluetooth to MP3 then you just need to attach the pen drive or the SD card to their respective slot and the mode would change automatically but to switch to FM radio you need to make a short click on the mode button. When you hear the static sound long press the play/pause button to scan all the channels once done Zulu remembers it. Connect the USB charger which would work as antena and you can switch between channels with the + or - volume button.

    Technical Specifications

    • Bluetooth Version          : 4.2+EDR
    • Profiles Supported         :  A2DP/HFP/HASP
    • Operating Distance        : 10m/32.78ft
    • Battery                           : 300mAh
    • Battery Voltage             : DC 5V/1A
    • USB Pen Drive Slot      : Upto 32GB max
    • In-Build Mic                    :Yes
    • Micro SD card support    : Upto 32GB max
    • Audio Format supported  : MP3/WAV
    • FM Tuner Frequency range  : 87.5-108 MHz
    • Playtime :  2-3 hours approx (on medium volume)

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